Welcome to R-MADAM 2019

Workshop on R-Matrix software for atomic molecular and optical physics

24-26 June 2019, UCL, London

We are delighted to invite you to our workshop at University College London from 24-26 June 2019.

Registration is free, but we have limited spaces and it will be closed on 10th June at 12.00 pm.

If you are reading the above after the 10th June and really want to come, contact us on workshop@quantemol.com. We will check if we have any cancellations and can accommodate your attendance.

Organised and supported by:

R-MADAM (R-matrix suites for multielectron attosecond dynamics in atoms and molecules irradiated by arbitrarily polarised light) project, CCPQ, Quantemol, and UK-AMOR

R-MADAM 2019
University College London, UK
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